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  • Member: Kireblue
  • Studio: PixelBlended Studios
  • Title: Merry Nightmares
  • Premiered: 2013-06-21
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  • Song:
    • Poets of the Fall Dreaming Wide Awake
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    This is my 2nd round vid for the Quickening Tournament (Group D). My opponents for this round were xLunax, Xophilarus, and BecauseImBored1.

    "I'll sell my soul to dream you wide awake". Although the singer of the song probably meant his lyrics to be taken figuratively, I saw this as a opportunity to take them literally and my a Yumekui Merry (Dream Eater Merry) AMV. There are far too few of them in my opinion. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

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