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  • Member: Minion
  • Studio: Umbrella Video
  • Title: Russian
  • Premiered: 2007-05-06
  • Category:
  • Songs:
    • Mindless Self Indulgence Tom Sawyer
    • Rush tom sawyer
  • Anime:
  • Comments: my jacon 07' entry. years old, just now uploading.

    did the first 60 seconds of the video in 45 minutes.

    worked on the rest of it here and there against the entry deadline over the following 2 days.

    pretty much stereotypical EoE action video, abusing all of the same footage every uses, especially toward the end.

    got a better crowd reaction than i expected for a 3 day quickie vid.

    scan lines were AE. everything else is just premiere. i was originally planning a more graphic intensive thing and just sort of changed my mind, and never went back to do something with this out of place scene

    title is a bad pun. rush'in.

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