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  • Member: StarTrinity009
  • Studio: PixelBlended Studios
  • Title: The Recollection of a Princess and a Pilot
  • Premiered: 2013-06-10
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    • Jon Secada & Shanice If I Never Knew You
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  • Comments: Out of all the videos I have made thus far, I think this one manages to tie with “A Thousand Miles Per Second” for the most thought I have ever put into a video. I created this video’s project file on November 11, 2012, editing only bits and pieces of the ending stretch (specifically 02:54-03:00 and 03:19-end). It wasn’t until after I picked up “oh no…” again, and completed it for my New Year’s release, that I started storyboarding “The Recollection of a Princess and a Pilot” again. During January 2013, I remained in a planning stage since I simply could not make myself edit the video. This was the case because I was angsting over the fact that I had to start the project with 720p footage, after failing to find the Blu-ray copy of the film at a Tsutaya in Japan. I refused to make another video without 1080p footage, and I didn’t have the money to purchase the Region 2, $121 Blu-ray copy off of Amazon. But thankfully, in late January, I discovered that AnimeTake had mkv part files by Taka-THORA that were still working. After a grueling week of downloading about 10 or so 900MB part files from Depositfiles (since the torrent was completely inactive), I finally, FINALLY had decent footage to edit with. So throughout February, I researched different methods of extracting mkv files to use in Vegas and troubleshooted why every single one just wouldn’t work for this particular file. However, I finally found a solution out of nowhere that actually worked, and it is now a trade secret. ;) So no telling. Haha, sorry! Anyway, by March, I was all set to edit, and I had re-edited with the 1080p footage what had been done in November 2012. Yet because of college courses, I had to bring my already slow progress to a complete halt and wait until the end of April exams to edit anything new. This made May 6, 2013 to June 10, 2013 the time frame in which the project actually came to life.

    The Recollection of a Princess and a Pilot

    Nevertheless, during that waiting time before May, I brainstormed over and over again and tried to determine just what kind of AMV I wanted to make. The essential concept behind “The Recollection of a Princess and a Pilot” came to be for the characters to directly communicate their feelings to each other and the audience. Too many times have I seen romance AMVs that establish the understanding of a couple’s bond through situations rather than moments. It’s a minute distinction that most would probably believe to be unimportant; however, it is just like me to feel that it is LARGELY important. Therefore, “The Recollection of a Princess and a Pilot” can best be described as an experimental romance – one that stops to smell the roses and displays love as a culmination of looks, gestures, and sentiments. The goal is that you FEEL their bittersweet struggle, not just watch it happen.

    In order to fulfill this end, I felt it most effective to make the video feel more like a small film rather than an AMV. In order to do so, I limited my scene choices to three distinct time frames: when they confess their love, when they are about to say goodbye, and when they reunite for one last time before parting ways. Excessively concentrating on these three moments as well as limiting added motion and effects allowed me to slow the video down, almost to an extreme, in order to force my viewers to contemplate the significance of an eye shift, a frown, a head tilt, etc. Also, in order to fulfill that end, I spent a painstaking amount of time making sure that I told a clear story. The video, like the film, is a recollection, so there are several uses of flashbacks present. Within the video, there are three distinct kinds of flashbacks: 1. Events that happen prior to the start of Charles’s mission crossfade or cut in and are lightly tented with grayscale (with the exception of the prologue part). 2. Events that happen during the mission but are prior to the specific time frame in which the flashback occurs are not tented, but instead crossfade in with a blur. 3. The time frame in which they confess their love is considered a flashback that occurs during the time frame in which they are about to say goodbye, so the two time frames are divided by white flash transitions. White flash transitions are also used at 02:33 and 02:51 to divide the time frame from a memory collage. The memory collage is an exception to the 1 & 2 types because it would have looked awkward if some transitions were with blurs and some were without, as well as if some clips were tented and others were not.

    But regardless, hopefully all these details in combination with others (ex: prologue and epilogue text, Fana’s sound bite, etc.) will produce the kind of effect I have described here. So without further babbling, I would like to sum up and say, “Enjoy my work, and please PLEASE check out this anime!”
    If you’re curious, the translation of Fana’s sound bite following the prologue is “Then Charles, are you saying you don’t care if you never see me again?!” I included this line in my video because I wanted it to seem like Fana was prompting the song out of Charles.

    Another fun fact is that the epilogue is actually at the end of The Princess and the Pilot. I lightly modified it, but it is essentially the same as what Taka-THORA subtitled it to be.

    Also, yet another fun fact is that NIS America released this movie for Region 1 on May 14, 2013 during the making of this video. With its release, the company changed the princess’s name from Fana del Moral to Juana del Moral. I found this very very strange as her name is clearly pronounced as Fana in the Japanese dub. Therefore, in my prologue and epilogue, she remains Fana. Also, the Region 1 Blu-ray is half the price of what the Region 2 was when I first started this project, so BUY IT!

    Okay, okay! No more fun facts after this one. I promise! But lastly, the title of my video is a combination of the Japanese and English titles for the movie. In Japanese, Toaru Hikūshi e no Tsuioku is translated as (The) Recollection of a Certain Airship Pilot. The English is obviously The Princess and the Pilot. So put the two together and you get “The Recollection of a Princess and a Pilot.” It’s a duet video, so both have to be in the title. ;)
    Time Frame: Read description above
    Program: Sony Vegas Pro 12.0
    And a special thanks to SatoshiSakura for looking over my lip sync!
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    Otakon 2013 AMV Contest - Entry

    ATTENTION: Do NOT watch the PREVIEW of this video. The encoding does not work well with the player. PLEASE PLEASE either download the video and watch it in VLC media player or Media Player Classic, or watch it on YouTube.

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