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  • Member: maricela
  • Title: The First Cut Is The Deepest Collab with my sis Angelica [B-day dedication To Holly]
  • Premiered: 2013-03-02
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    • Sheryl Crow The First Cut Is The Deepest
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  • Comments: I would like to dedicated this vid to Holly ( happy belated birthday Holly (jan 2) X3 please sub to her *^* I hope all your wishes came true :3 love ya sweet friend *hugs* miss talking to you T.T

    please sub to my sis (angelica) :

    Here is a collab I made with my sister Angelica :) ( sorry sis for the long wait) my sis came up with the idea of the song, & after hearing the song I thought it fits well with TakagiX Miwako X Matsuda too , so we decided to do a collab together X3 I used DC & my sister used NR X3 the collab turn out beautiful *^*

    my sister's part info: Here's my part for the song: The first is the deepest collab with my sister Maricela ( Kaitokid1014) using different anime ( my sister is doing hers with the anime DC). My part I used on the anime called N a t s u y u k i Rendezvous focus on Rokka point of view on giving another chance of love with Hazuki after she lost her first love who's her decreased husband Shimao. I hope you enjoy my par

    I hope you enjoy :3

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