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  • Member: //Rokina//Tasako//
  • Title: Tsukihime Opening Test
  • Premiered: 2013-05-20
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    • Toshiyuki Omori The Sacred Moon
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  • Comments: if you donīt read this, and just watch the video, you may wunder, what exactly this is...
    Well it was just a little off-work projekt, because I got a new program (switched from Sony Vegas Movie Studio to Sony Vegas Pro).
    I just wanted to get a bit used to the program so I made this, the Tsukihime Opening. The masking tool was the main point I concentrated on, but after masking a few scenes I wanted to do something real so the rest are just scenes i put in there to finish this up.
    I only changed a few things, and even used the same scenes as in the originally one...
    In the end I had already used every scene from the opening but it wasnt finished, to lazy to get some episodes from the anime I used some scenes more than just one time...

    Im sorry for this only testing thing, but I had fun doing it cause I could just go along without thinking too much over it ;)

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