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  • Member: JCD
  • Studio: Anivision
  • Title: Amity
  • Premiered: 2003-06-21
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  • Song:
    • Toploader Achilles Heel
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  • Comments: Hi all of you!

    5 Months without making an AMV... at least I made short tracks for the Animix-Project ;)
    Finally I got this up. I made it just for fun because I had a lot of time after my school-exams (which came out pretty good btw). After all this took me 12 days with approx 2-3 hours of work every day and did that what it should do: Fun!

    A long time ago while I was searching for a drama-song, this song came into my mind. I heard it 3 years before and this time I thought it would be good for a musicvideo... to Escaflowne :) This was what I thought then because I hadn't seen Shamanic Princess, but then I dumped the idea and made my Morningstar Video.
    Then after my school exams I HAD to make one again, but my Ideas were all crappy, I couldn't find a good concept. I found this song again, listened to the lyrics and checked that they were MADE for Shamanic Princess (I ordered the DVD which is a GREAT deal). I planned it as a Story video again, but unlikely my Two Holy Swords video this should follow the original story of the anime but only the one of Sara and Tiara. All characters would be too much.
    As those of you know who have seen SP, the beginning of the story is in the last 2 episodes, so the correct order would be 5-6-1-2-3-4. I followed this order in my video.

    Except the instrumental scenes, my idea worked damn well. The scenes I had thought of flowed very good with the melody and the voice of the singer, the beautiful animation of the OVA helped alot as well. The Instrumental scenes didn't work that well because I simply hadn't thought clearly enough about 'em ^^.
    I was avoiding Lip-Flapping as far as I could. Since it isn't my strength, I avoided even Lip-synching completely. It wouldn't fit in the scenery anyway. Sometimes it was hard to do and I continously shouted something like "Keep your fucking mouth shut!"...
    The 3rd episode has a very shocking and suprising event at the end. It came so suprising to me that my thoughts were overthrown in this moment and I tried to place this scene in the video in the suprising way I felt it. For the final moment I just put the clips with more and more tension into each other until it's over as I always do.

    I have chosen the title Amity because there's a big friendship between Sara and Tiara since their childhood and I think amity is a more unfamiliar and more beautiful word for friendship ^^.
    To define the Other-Category, this is also other than romance, the feeling of Friendship.

    The Video has major spoilers. So please only watch it when you either have seen SP or you really not intend to watch it. It could be that you want to watch it after this video ^^

    Now for the technical things:
    US DVDs are gorgeous. Absolutely no contest to our RC2 discs here in Germany which have quite often worse quality as HK-Bootlegs! I thougt this couldn't be very good quality because 3 hours were compressed to 7 gig, but I was wrong. There are no problems with this DVD and it's cheap and you get 3 hours of anime-mayhem on it! So go and buy it ;)
    The file got big, but it's ok when I look at some other files here :P
    Here's my AviSynth 2.50 filter-combination for people who are interested in this:

    As you can see I let antiblink out because its great for the series, but utter crap for flashy AMVs ;) Don't use it.
    I encoded with Koepi's newest unstable XVID binary, this is the 2nd pass in 512 x 384 with 24 fps.
    As for audio... I couldn't find the crappy CD anymore where the song was stored on. This is cause Toploader isn't a good band :D They're just another ugly Romance-Popband with 1 or 2 outstanding songs (This is one of them).
    So I used a nice VBR-Audiostream that doesn't seem to have problems on any computer.
    !!!If you have problems with it (audio desynch etc), please notify me!!!

    That's all.

    Programs Used:
    DVD2AVI 1.86
    AdvancedAVS Pack
    AviSynth 2.06+
    AviSynth 2.50
    VirtualDubMod 1.4.13
    Adobe Premiere 6.0
    Paint Shop Pro 5.02

    The file is stored on a Server I thankfully got an account from Anivision Media! With my connection it's a little faster than the Dangling Carrot, so happy downloading! Just click on "High-Quality (direkt)" and you'll get it.

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