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  • Member: PieandBeer
  • Title: Not the End
  • Premiered: 2013-04-30
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    • K'Naan Wavin' Flag (The Celebration Mix)
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  • Comments: oh gosh i have no idea what to put the category as...
    i intended this to be an upbeat amv to go with my first magi amv but then it slowly fell into a pit of drama
    so it's kind of bipolar switching between the moods. whoops.

    before even starting my first magi amv i had the idea of doing multiple with the various versions of this song to highlight the different moods that occur in the series at different points of the storyline. this amv uses only the second half of the first season.

    i lucked out with the announcement of a second magi season because i backed myself into a corner by naming the first one 'beginnings.' even though a tremendous amount of character growth has occurred in the main kids already that i've tried to show in my videos, it's not the end of their story yet :)

    also i tried to put more sinbad and the generals into this because they're such good characters but i totally just used them as filler
    ahhh soon i'll give them the attention they deserve!

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