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  • Member: keyboardsamurai
  • Title: Jungled Up Anime
  • Premiered: 2003-06-21
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    • Guns 'n Roses Welcome to the Jungle "Live"
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  • Comments: This was my first attempt at making an amv worth watching. I have made many others before this, but I just really didn't take the time to work on them. Sorr for the quality but that's the best I could get out of my sources. I entered this video into Sakura Con 2002 (It didn't win anything, but I heard the audience was well taken to it). THere are some obvious lip sync errors here (for the keen eye) but overall it's really worth watching if you want an amv to get you pumped up. There are tons of anime shows in here, I think more then 10. I encoded it in MPEG2 SVCD format. So Windows Media Player CAN NOT play this. You have to go to, and download BSPLAYER (it is FREEWARE), or if you have a DVD software player on your comp that will work as well.

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