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  • Member: Cenit
  • Studio: 360 Degrees Fluorescent
  • Premiered: 2013-05-01
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  • Song:
    • ShockOne feat. Phetsta Crucify Me Part 1 (DnB DJ Edit)
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    My new AMV and a sequel to 2010s JAGDMEISTER. The AMV was created between April 25-30. Some encoding problems delayed the release for 2 additional days, but here it is.

    I had already planned on editing to Evangelion 3.0 back in 2010 when editing JAGDMEISTER, although it was more of an future option. Back then i ended the AMV open like the film does, so that future-Uwe might be able to pick up from where i left. However, it was just an idea to make a second JAGDMEISTER, like so many other ideas - not a real plan i was following for 3 years or so. The Song found me by accident when Shui handed me some music for the inevitable Faction Part Three MEP. I loved this song immediatly and first considered building a mix around it. However, a couple of days later, when the EVA BD got released, i decided to edit to this instead of another Rammstein Song (not that there was a fitting Rammstein Song to begin with). Overall editing time was three full days, but it was more fun than anything else.

    So here you are. Another Sequel AMV. Enjoy.

    KREUZZUG is german for crusade. The working title of the AMV was Project: Crusaders.

    - Sony Vegas 7.0b
    - MakeMKV
    - VirtualDub
    - Avisynth
    - Zarx264GUI2.0

    Special Thanks to:
    mirkosp (for some advice with the technical specs)
    Shui (for giving me the Song)
    The Motrix (for hosting the direct-download-file)

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