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  • Member: sportsgirl1391
  • Studio: NeroTeam
  • Title: The Everlasting Sailor Scouts
  • Premiered: 2013-03-31
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    • EGOIST The Everlasting Guilty Crown
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  • Comments: This video tends to be blocked worldwide on Youtube, But I liked this video worked hard on it. So I felt like sharing it somehow :D

    Hey Guys I know i havent been able to upload anything in awhile working on a project for a contest and its taking me over 3 weeks already to make it. But I wanted a break from that bc i had inspiration for a new Sailor Moon videos. Idk if any of you remember on my old account

    I use to edit Sailor Moon with different anime openings. Well here is no different. lol. I wanted to practice more transitions. Mainly masking transitions. I ended up staying up till 4 am working on this. I wanted to get it done tonight so thats why i kinda rushed it at the end. Tell me what you think. I had fun editing this video hope everyone enjoys it :D

    And I decided to keep it the original Aspect Ratio because stretching it seem odd to me O_o

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