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  • Members (11): RAWdangers, MycathatesyouAMV, Shin-AMV, TrufflePigStudios, VivifxAMV, Warlike Cygnet, Warlike Swans, Zaiyei, irriadin, siny, whispersreloaded
  • Title: Bloodlust! {HBD GuntherAMVs}
  • Premiered: 2013-02-05
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  • Songs:
    • AKB48 Sugar Rush
    • League of Legends Here Comes Vi
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  • Comments: This is the birthday video we made for Summer aka GuntherAMVs birthday in February. I've uploaded it here really late cause . . . well i'm lazy! I finally got around to cleaning it up and getting the information together for it. Here's what the original youtube info said:

    "Soo today was Summer's (GuntherAMVs) Birthday and some of us got together to make her a birthday video!!! Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing people on this planet. She is a wonderful person and the best girlfriend I could ever ask for x3 Seriously, she's awesome! If you ever get a chance to know her, you will be truly blessed. She is a constant source of happiness and laughter in everyone's lives. She's a great editor and as big of a gamer as me. Happy Birthday Summer x3"

    RAWdangers - Toradora
    Siny - Skip Beat!
    Warlike Cygnet - Ranma 1/2
    Warlike Swans - Kara no Kyoukai
    Vivifx - Bakemonogatari
    WhispersReloaded - Shugo Chara!
    Mycatshateyou - Random LoLness
    TrufflePigStudios - FLCL
    Shin - Random Inappropriateness
    Irriadin - Magical Girl Nonoha
    ZayeiAMV - Ga;Rei Zero
    Tiff Tiff - essay in credits

    song: Here Comes Vi - League of Legends
    Sugar Rush - AKB48

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