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  • Member: Drabaz
  • Title: Hall of Fame
  • Premiered: 2013-02-28
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    • The Script Hall of fame
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    Hall of Fame follows young Goku as he sets out to be the champion we all know and love. After making the very upbeat "Hands Up!" DBZ amv, it only makes logical sense to follow it up with a serious/dramatic type amv :P

    The idea for this video came after the second time I heard this song on the radio. I'm always listening for potential songs to use for amv's and so when in the beginning of the song they mention "King Kong" I immediately thought of the Oozaru. That's when I really paid attention to the song and figured out it would make for a great serious amv about Goku. This video surprisingly only took me a week or two to complete. Whereas before making amv's took me about two YEARS to finish. The lyrics of the song fit so well with Dragonball that I never ran into a situation where I didn't know what scene to use next.

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