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  • Member: ai_love_gaara
  • Studio: Queen Ant Studios
  • Title: high on howL's mOVing castlE
  • Premiered: 2012-01-29
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  • Song:
    • Lighthouse Family High
  • Anime:
  • Comments: First AMV made in close consultation with "Phade's Guide to Good Anime Music Videos". Even what I found would be "dry" information was explained in an interesting way. Big credit to it! For even though I realised a more "universally-agreed-to-be-proper" way of assembling an AMV together still ended up being a long process, the guide made it as easiest as such a process could have been. As I said, I wish I saw it earlier.

    It was the second year in a row of entering into Perth's Wai-Con (2012) so since I knew this in advance, I finally wanted to make technical tweaks to make it Con-standard. Never have I seen an AMV of mine look so clear O_O. And looked good on the big screen! It's worth all that extra effort, peeps ;).
    However, while I was making it, and the deadline was drawing oh so near, I was in serious doubt of completing it. This "proper" method would take me much, much longer than I was used to, especially since I was using an out-of-date, low RAM laptop and had (and still do have) the crappiest internet connection. I even told my friend that I realistically could not make it this year. But, by fate, on my way to work one day, since I had come an hour early due to my city's frustrating public transport system, I took a morning stroll in town. And on a complete whim, I took a turn into a street called "London Court". Do I believe in fate? I kinda do! Because randomly, in the middle of this little fancy street, were two cosplayers. Howl and Sophie. I did not know what the occasion was. Wai-Con was still a week away! (But in AMV-time, a week was too little for a slow perfectionist like me!)
    Buuut immediately, I texted said friend. Telling her that it was fate, I saw the sign. Howl and Sophie, namely. I must make this AMV!

    It looked dire.....but somehow (actually, I just didn't sleep much lol), I got it done. Ai-chan managed to grow in ability a bit, yay!

    "High" by The Lighthouse Family... Just like "Three Years From Now ...", I also knew that I would be making a Howl's Moving Castle AMV to it :) since I first started making AMVs. I just took a while to get on my @ss and realise it XD. I guess the songs that you really like just stick with you, unlike other ideas that come and go in the meantime.

    In terms of footage order...hmmm... there really is no logical order with this one. What I imagined doing, which I did, was footage I imagined being included in an official music video. I kinda was tossing up between making it purely with clips from the anime, or downloading the actual video clip of the Lighthouse Family and sort of putting in anime clips here and there, like other music videos that promote a certain movie (you know, like the music videos in the nineties that Disney made. I remember seeing Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan, the Lion King and Hercules music videos on TV... oh , those were the times *_*). In the end, I just settled for a purely-anime one, and opted for a film-like feel instead ^^.

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