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  • Member: ai_love_gaara
  • Studio: Queen Ant Studios
  • Title: Mr. Brightside - A Vampire Knight Love Triangle
  • Premiered: 2008-08-30
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    • The Killers Mr Brightside
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  • Comments: *Warning!* Youtube-Quality only! ><

    My very first AMV. I wish I had read up on the AMV guides available on this site, but at the time it was made purely for fun and to keep my occupied. (To be honest, which I'm happy to admit now, I -was- feeling the most jealous I'd ever been, you know, high school dramas, and actually, creating this AMV was a really positive way to channel that negative energy that was the jealousy I was experiencing.) If ever I had a lot of time to kill, I would remake it in higher quality. Or rather, if I ever became unhealthily jealous again XD.

    If it's my first AMV, why did I enter it in a contest? I really did not believe I had any skills to make it far in any contest. animemusicvideos3's Youtube Contest announcement video intimidated me, not to mention the overwhelming number of video responses on the first few days alone was enough to scare any experienced AMV maker, I'm sure. But it had been a month that I had been making mine for fun, and I was being extreeeeemely lazy. I "knew" that I'd completely bomb in this contest anyway, but, I at least could take advantage of the deadline! 'Cos that's what I needed. A date to complete this project by. And then I thought, "You're entering it in a contest. You can't embarrass yourself. You have to try your very best, at least, and not look like a total noob." So try I did. And like I said above, I willingly put into all my energy and soul into making this, haha. But, most importantly, it was so fun. I will always look back at making this and remember what a joy I had in making what was initially supposed to merely distract me from my negative feelings. Making this AMV truthfully helped me out during a period that everyone knows is high school.

    While I was already happy with what this AMV ended up doing for me, it was an utter shock to find out how well received it ended up being in the contest. What can be learned from this is, any AMV maker, even someone who is completely new to it, is able to create something really worthwhile. I know I'm a sucker for saying this, but I've always believed that while technique really is a good thing and a favourable thing to have, in the end it all boils down to passion. Like in cooking, you know that cheesy line: "The most important ingredient is love"? That's what I applied to my AMVs. Because love and soul triumphs technique everytime, I believe. In my opinion, the most important result for creating anything is whether anyone enjoyed it. So long as you truly believe in your AMV, or really put yourself into it, surely these good feelings will be transported to a viewer. Even though I think I've gained some skills since then, and have improved, this which I made at 16 still remains one of my proudest achievements. So don't be afraid, and have fun! (Don't let it be an excuse to slack up on technique, tho! I'm still learning, and am by far a newbie in this field XD. I've been, and still am, intimidated to upload anything on ... All the amv makers I admire are on here eheh ...)

    First heartbreak: My laptop BROKE down, meaning everything, including everything related to the original movie file, the Sony Vegas file, the clips, EVERYTHING - was deleted. The better quality version is gone. It wasn't as great quality as it could have been if I had discovered the guides, but - only the youtube version was all I had. I downloaded the Youtube quality video so I could still have the video in my possession. And this is 2008 youtube quality >< my eyes!!!

    Why did I finally upload it here? Long story short, Youtube took it down. I have tried to fight for it, but after the first failed attempt, me having always been an obedient goody-two shoes, I was too afraid to refute the copyright claim again. To make matters worse, MediaFire, which I had also uploaded the AMV onto, now refuses to share my video. I think it is time I place them onto this site, if not for myself, then for the requests I have received to either reupload it or put it up for download elsewhere. So long as I have any viewers who want to see my videos, I will try to make it possible for them. That alone makes me happy. Please don't take these down! Haha (Even though I may receive a unfavourable constructive criticism on the vid from my sempai)

    Here is the original Youtube description:

    *-UPDATE-* 6th September 2008
    .: animemusicvideos3's AMV contest :.
    - Best in Show 2
    - 1st place in the Drama Category
    - 1st place for Best Story

    Lol omg I'm in shock. Thank you thank you so much! *hugz* Very very much appreciated!

    Featuring: Kaname/Yuuki and Zero/Yuuki
    Song: Mr. Brightside
    Artist: The Killers Anime: Vampire Knight
    Program used: Sony Vegas 6.0

    This AMV was really fun to make! Albeit a big pain technically-wise too =P. I tried my best to make this triangle an equilateral one as possible =]. I dedicate this AMV to all my friends who love anime (you know who you are ^_^), and sorry that this took so long for those I promised. I love the idea of love triangles and my VK pals love Kaname and Yuuki, so I didn't mind making this since I love both couples. So I guess this is for all Kaname/Yuuki and Zero/Yuuki fans alike. Enjoy!

    I was inspired to make this AMV in particular thanks to magicalthreetv's Harry Potter version, found here: I guess you can tell that my AMV's format was heavily influenced by this XD.

    Side-Note: Yay for my first Youtube vid! This is my first AMV let alone the first time using Sony Vegas, so please be nice ^^.

    Disclaimer: I do not own the song or the anime. This AMV is purely fan-made with no copyright infringement intended :).

    *-UPDATE-* 12th September 2008 Woah omg, look what I stumbled across, haha, I never saw this before XD. _Never_ thought I'd get any of these at all O_O. Woot Honours!

    ~As of the end of September 08~ #56 - Most Discussed (This Month) - Film & Animation - Australia #79 - Top Favorited (This Month) - Australia #20 - Top Favorited (This Month) - Film & Animation - Australia #29 - Top Rated (This Month) - Film & Animation - Australia ~25th November 2008 ~ #28 - Most Responded (Today) - Film & Animation - Australia #86 - Most Responded (This Week) - Film & Animation - Australia (o_O lol but it was only from one response XD. Thanks SnowLeaf01! =D) Thank you so much!! ^o^

    Present-day ai_love_gaara: Haha what a loser was I. OMG I forgot about youtube and its honours!! And how users were so proud of them, like they were badges. *sigh* Such cool kids back then. What a trip down memory lane XD

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