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  • Title: when in doubt
  • Premiered: 2013-02-04
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    • Marianas Trench Good to You
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  • Comments: One-day edit.
    when in doubt
    The story starts out following the original arc's telling, however; as it progresses, Shin devotes himself to showing Heroine of the love he carries only for her. Meanwhile, she is plagued by visions of nightmares, of people she doesn't recognize trying to hurt her. Shin discovers it soon enough and vows to protect her. And so, he guards her daily, escorting her everywhere to avoid those people ever laying a hand on her. Soon enough, she comes to understand his love and accept it although hesitant at first. Due to lack of episodes, it ends on a cliffhanger, not telling what happened with the enemies in the plot. Gomen.

    You can also watch it on YouTube.

    One of the -very few- anime that attracted my interes this season. I am bored with love triangles revolving around guys lately so this anime is a nice refresher with lovely shonen fighting over one girl. Shin is my choice, the one receiving my utmost vote. Those three small episodes won me over. I'm a sucker for men with red (hair, clothes, eyes, etc.) and delinquents (underdogs, misunderstood characters, etc.). Heroine is a ditz so far but there is still plenty of episodes to change that within. For now, their my OTP of the anime.
    Hello to random edits. Originally, I'd only intended to do the first 1min of the song (and later extend it as episodes are released) but a spark inside lit up today and thus it became a full amv.
    The video is dark/bright and green on purpose: the color represents serenity (green: color of grass, nature, peace, serenity); the contrast of the video is to represent conflicting emotions of happiness and anxiety; and finally, the title also has a purpose: "when in doubt, keep moving forward and never look back." The title suits their relationship perfectly. I hope they're the ending pairing.
    This is my first official drama amv for 2013. There are more to come. Now, while people always insist drama is my best category, it is ROMANCE. Notice that every video I produce has romantic elements somewhere within it, even action and tragedy edits. They always say your best quality is the one you least expect - and romance is the one I'd least expected, felt inferior in for ages; but somehow, it is my best category.

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