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  • Member: kapparomeo
  • Studio: Cyclops Productions
  • Title: Psycho-Pass: Mental Regression
  • Premiered: 2013-01-19
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  • Comments: RUNNER-UP "Best Trailer/Parody", Ohayocon 2013

    Psycho-Pass is one of the most intriguing anime series currently being broadcast. Its philosophical references can occasionally be heavy-handed (the villain actually carries around a copy of "1984") but it never strays into pretension in the way that shows like Ergo Proxy did, and lets it augment rather than dictate the story. Psycho-Pass makes familiar points about the insidious pervasiveness and crawling paralysis of a surveillance culture - although they're familiar in that they're still worryingly relevant, and bear repeating! - but it's especially interesting in the context of Japan's sometimes crushing conformity. I'm all for tough justice, but when your conviction rate is 99% I wonder just how many bewildered innocents are being battered into a confession.

    It's also rollicking good fun! The Dominator is one of the more interesting sci-fi weapons of recent years, the setting of a conventional police procedural that just happens to be handling future-crime is not self-conscious, it's a rare series that knows how to show-not-tell and doesn't belabour you with redundant backstory, and all of those glinty-swishy-neony effects certainly create a cyberpunk atmosphere - which immediately reccomended this topic for an AMV.

    Please enjoy, and thank you for all of your support at Ohayocon!

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