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  • Title: Moving On
  • Premiered: 2013-01-19
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    • Katharine McPhee Over It
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    Happy Birthday to sakuhinalove, Maria Escobar.

    Moving On
    Kagome pins over InuYasha helplessly whilst he is unaware and instead chooses to chase after the old flame known as Kikyou. Whilst she continues to stay at his side, he continues to search aimlessly for Kikyou, and it only hurts more to realize he still loves the other woman in the equation. Unable to face reality, she returns to her world only to discover the feelings they share. She returns to the Sengoku Jidai and resolves to stay by his side no matter what. But agony hidden deep within by this is brought out by Naraku's incarnation and used to subdue her. He has left to search for Kikyou again. She is forced to face reality that he will always love only Kikyou. However, in that moment, she still loves him. He jumps in and afterward resolves to start anew by creating a relationship with Kagome. They share a kiss at last.

    This is my first official amv with IY. No longer is hard drive space an issue. I watched this show during its first air on Adult Swim. Wow, it's been six years since I finished the first series too. The Final Act was too rushed. Like with SM, the flow came naturally after a moment of placing clips on the timeline. I anticipated render issues due to my clips being various different fps but the only issue I perceive is quality between episodes. Effects, panning, and transitions were fun to play around with this time around. Hope everyone enjoys it although it is short. Why can't I seem to create anything longer than 2mins lately? Also, the hardest part of the video was the zooms. (And I had absolutely no idea what to name it. LOL.)
    You can also watch it on YouTube.

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