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  • Member: LoveMeKags
  • Title: ȴover Ɖearest {2013 Remaster}
  • Premiered: 2013-01-09
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    • Marianas Trench Lover Dearest
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  • Comments: Remastered/remake of Lover Dearest.

    First and foremost, this file contains changes to the initial edit of this video, therefore it becomes a remake. However, I personally liked to call it a remaster instead. Both files are vastly different in quality, effects, and slightly in editing. Please enjoy this remaster/remake.

    Lover Dearest
    Tsukiyomi Ikuto broke all ties with Hinamori Amu by destroying her relationship with Hotori Tadase. Easter thus kidnapped him and now use mind control to have him attack her and claim the Embryo. Whilst controlled, he is unable to determine reality as memories, dreams, and nightmares haunt him. Once he awakens in battle to realize he'd attacked her, he is horrified. He wants to be free again but is unable to. She is left with the one and only option to free him by force on her own. Can they solve their misunderstands?

    The original was created and finished in December of 2010, and was uploaded in two formats, one containing inputted test footage due to an error in effects, another containing the original desired output. However, neither lived up to my original design like remastering it. In summer of 2011, I lost my clips to remaster it. During fall of 2012, I reclaimed said clips, a whooping two months of gathering them on the Internet. In the end, it is here, remastered, and HD too.
    I remastered only things I disliked about the original outcome. No clip changes, scenes from Party, or concept changed, etc. Truthfully, the remaster is to erase the sneaky errors the original outcome had left behind. For example, the original had excessive use of dark fades, cropping on episodes for unnecessary reasons, color correction errors, etc. Those errors have been removed. Also, the original had no masks whatsoever--now it has a total of five by yours truly. If you can find all the fixes, I'll commend you with a video dedicated to you.
    You can also watch it on YouTube.

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