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  • Member: SamuraiJake
  • Studio: Samurai Jake
  • Title: Hirano's World War Z
  • Premiered: 2012-12-23
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    • World War Z Theatrical Trailer
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  • Comments: You know, when 12/21/12 came around I was really hoping for the zombie apocalypse to emerge. The most we got was an east coast winter blizzard, a 2nd rate one at that. Still, I love a good movie trailer for editing, so why not pull out a summer blockbuster with undead brain-eaters?

    The upcoming movie "World War Z" stars Brad Pitt as a reluctant everyman forced to protect his wife and children from certain doom. Contrary to his other roles he isn't going to talk the monsters to death, he's going to shoot them in the head. Sounds pretty cool eh? Now in deciding on the appropriate anime, there are many shows with some zombie elements but none as strong as the super-violent "Highschool of the Dead". Takashi might have been a good character to use, but Kohta Hirano was the best choice. Not only does he have extensive knowledge of firearms, but he also acts as a surrogate dad for little Alice solidifying him as a good guy. Besides, I love to see the underdog get recognition.

    - Samurai Jake

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