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  • Member: JadeCharm
  • Title: Nerdcore
  • Premiered: 2012-12-17
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    • My Chemical Romance Planetary (GO!)
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  • Comments: ****** for [KillArt IC 2012] ********


    Thats why I love ICs: Because sometimes they force you to have great ideas you would never have thought of by yourself.
    I so totally LOVE what I did there and this video makes me more happy than anything else I edited this year. I really had fun working on this. And I think this is the best work I ever did in an IC - because it looks exactly like how I would have edited it if I had more time. Sorry for sounding so proud of myself I'm just so happy that I can add this great work to my collection xD

    Now we stop here with being a poser and continue with some facts about the IC:
    The plan was to do a collab with Noss from the german amv-community in the dance/upbeat/fun-section. The IC began friday the 14th december and ended sunday the 16th december at midnight. Sunday around noon my collab-partner decided to give up because of a creative blockade and I decided to finish the video alone. Fortunately before giving up he gave me the idea what anime to use for the upbeat parts of the video. So I worked hard and I really finished it in time

    ....and here it is! Have fun! :3

    Special thanks goes to
    for giving me idea for the second anime :)

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