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  • Member: Radical_Yue
  • Title: Malevolent Passion
  • Premiered: 2012-11-26
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    • Marilyn Manson Tainted Love
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  • Comments: This is our Round 2 video for Project Editor: Tag Team Trials. Our theme this round was "Shippers Paradise" where we have to edit a One True Pairing. From what we understood that means 2 characters that don't really hook up in the anime, need to have some kind of romantic relationship in the video.

    This is one we REALLY struggled with. As soon as the theme was revealed I was quickly wishing we had our R1 theme back. While I love AMVs and anime, I guess I'm not that into the "fandom" per say, that I knew what shipping was. So once we got our challenge, we had no idea what to do.

    We struggled for the first week or so. We knew we wanted a focused video with only one source but couldn't figure out WHAT source or WHAT pairing. There were just too many editors working on a video that, essentially, is incredibly simplistic. However, trying to chop it up so a large group can work on it just turned into a giant mess.

    Eventually, when the Monday before the deadline hit we were at the point where quitting sounded kinda good. But we're not lame, so we didn't. Instead we basically said "F*** it." Anyone who even had a slight idea should start just editing their video and then whoever makes the best one (or the only one) will submit on behalf of the team. I had a general idea of a Soul Eater video and Shin had something in mind also. I know Shin got sick about halfway into the week so I was the only one who completed a full video.

    I went to work on my original idea and it totally fell flat. While bitching in IRC the gloriously scientific ZephyStar asked me what source I was working with and immediately jumped to "ZOMG MEDUSA X STEIN?!" While that wasn't the concept I was working on, I then felt really, REALLY stupid for that not being the first one that came to mind. I had already wasted a couple days working on a video that was going nowhere fast so I jumped on this new concept as quickly as possible. I didn't really have a song in mind but the classic "Tainted Love" kind of hung around. I knew the general sound wouldn't work for it but luckily Marilyn Manson had covered it! I felt the dark tone and twisted sound really worked for the messed up "relationship" that Medusa and Stein have in the anime. So then, I set to work....

    The Video

    The video itself is rather simple. Gradients and noise to help bring out the darker sense of the song and also to provide a mask for the fact that a lot of the romance is implied. Easily the most difficult part of making this video was the fact that these two characters never really hook up in the anime. They have a small fling but then Medusa goes all batshit evil so Stein ends up trying to kill her instead.

    While I didn't want to, I ended up heavily relying on the scenes of the little girl that Medusa possesses in the series once her original body is destroyed by Stein. I'm worried viewers will not be familiar with the source and not get the romantic connection between some seemingly random little girl and Stein. The fact that Medusa goes from looking young to older on what appears to be a totally random bases may also cause confusion, much in the same way Howls Moving Castle videos that have Sofie going from old to young and back may cause some head scratching for those unfamiliar with the source.

    While most relationships involve cute looks and little romantic gestures, the relationship of Medusa and Stein all revolves around the struggle for sanity. Stein knows Medusa is evil and is tasked with killing her but she does everything in her power to make him lose his grasp on reality to take him for herself. In the series it's more of a slave aspect, but I feel the idea of "tainted love" worked well for the mess of madness they have.

    Overall, I'm still very unhappy with the way the video turned out. I had to drastically cut the song and stretch scenes due to lack of footage, the effects are cheesy at best, and the song itself all but killed my drive 1/4 of the way through editing. The song isn't incredibly dynamic so no matter where I jumped to edit, it all sounded the same. By the end, I felt like I was banging my head against a wall.

    Bubbles (irriadin) added some static to the end where I originally had a fade out because he felt it was more awesome. I wanted a soda. What do these two things have to do with each other? TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNKKK! I'm so lucky lucky, I'm so lovely lovely~

    This theme is horrible for a large group of editors trying to make a focused video with 1 source so we all did our own videos. This is our final submission. I have pizza.

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