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  • Member: REYZENAMV
  • Title: I'm Still Here With You
  • Premiered: 2012-11-21
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    • The Fray How To Save A Life
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  • Comments: Well, since I've started the gold amv editing this video and were successful, and as they say here, the care is better than talent.

    Concept or history (I could not tell which of the two)

    Try to focus on creating something that does not impress but to convey.

    As you can see the video begins when Otonashi and his sister were alive, if you look carefully in the beginning scenes (0:06 - 0:10) Otonashi leave a store bag, (if you remember the anime will know that always takes the gift sleeves) and then follows a scene where Otonashi traveling on a train and in his hands he carries the gift sleeve and then the accident happens where it dies, then starts spending the entire history of angel beats. Upon finishing the story goes another scene where it looks like Otonashi wakes (arguably returned to the real world or awoke from a dream) and rises desperate to see her sister and great was the alivo to realize that all is well and manga gives gift to his sister, the end scene happens Tachibana and Otonashi encounter in the real world.

    PS: Check out the song and the video lasts more than 5 minutes for credits

    It's a bit complicated, but it will continue to work to improve the concepts

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