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  • Member: ceddic
  • Title: A-Class
  • Premiered: 2012-11-11
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    • Mohican Sandbag Satori, Rin got lost...
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  • Comments: When Cenit showed me the japanese Mercedes commercial for the A-Class, I knew that I wanted to edit with this Source.
    Since the commercial itself contains only about 3 Minutes of usable Footage, it was clear, that the AMV wouldn't be that long.
    The Music was actually taken from a file, that flew around on my desktop for quite some time called "Epic-Trumpet.mp3" ... It turned out to have an entirely different name :P.

    After completing my Akross-Video, I felt on an editing-spree, completing this one only 6 hours after it.
    Since it took me only about 10 hours in total to put this together, I am quite pleased how it turned out.
    *ready for IronChefs* :3

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