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  • Member: Soul Bro Ryu
  • Studio: Nightrunner Productions
  • Title: Somebody to Love
  • Premiered: 2003-07-01
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    • Queen Somebody to Love
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  • Comments: Nightrunner Productions: Video #011
    Classic Rock
    Ecchi Humor/Modern Adventure
    Program Used: Adobe Premiere 6.0
    Video Format: AVI (XviD Encoded)
    OP Credits Music: "All the Places" - Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, "The Main Ingredient"

    Awards: Best Concept Anime Music Video - Anime Festival Orlando 4 (2003)

    I originally thought that this video might be too risque to upload here, but when I finally finished it, I realized that it was no more X-rated than your recent issue of "Maxim" (or even "Stuff").

    Holy shit, there's a lot of GoldenBoy videos! At least, a great deal turned up when I just searched for them on this site. I gotta say that they don't make OVAs like this any more, and may never again, which is probably the reason why this series is so revered. Not that there's too many dimensions to this comedy, but it's comedic timing is unbelievable - in animation and in vocals.

    Hardline Otakus hate to admit this, but I like to think myself as an open-minded anime enthusiast, and dubs, quite frankly, have come a long damn way. In the early days, ADV Films wasn't too well liked for it's homegrown vocal cast, but there were a few at that time that really stood out, and the one voice actor that was diamond in the rough was clearly Doug Smith. The dubbed voice of Kintaro "GoldenBoy" Oe himself.

    Honestly, I never had the chance to see this series in Japanese when I first saw this show on VHS years ago, and after watching it in English, I couldn't imagine that Kintaro could be funnier to me in his native tounge. I'm the last one to ever downplay the original audio track in anime series brought here, but in this case, when I finally got GoldenBoy on DVD and checked it out for the first time in Japanese, I couldn't help but value it's English Dub even more.

    Dubs like this are a rarity, and talent like Doug Smith is even more scarce. Having conversations with various friends, most of us agreed that he should have been sought out for the dub of Chobits in order to voice "Hideki Motoshuwa" in English, but sadly he was passed over, and again a spectacular talent was wasted.

    Sometimes, I wish the casting choices to dub our favorite shows were to us, but what can you do? As for the choice of music, "Someone to Love" was the song in my collection that spoke strongest to me as a track that would best encapsulate this series, since Kintaro was looking for that special someone during his excursions through Japan (among other things). Queen makes making AMVs too easy ^_^.

    Thanks for reading, and enjoy the video. It's my tribute to GoldenBoy and even Doug Smith's digable performance during it. I had the chance to meet him in person and he's just as funny as his animated counterpart. He happens to be an artist and for those that are interested check out the studio he currently works for -Studio Ironcat - @

    Peace, out. "Yare, yare daze..."

    Soul Brother Ryusynoke

    Update - 0312.09
    Hot Dayam!!!! 100 Downloads and counting! And six reviews!!!!! ^_^
    (Just a lil' off-balanced...)

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