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  • Member: Ryvannis
  • Title: Save The Light
  • Premiered: 2012-04-01
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    • Nightwish 10th Man Down
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  • Comments: First upload in a long time, eh? This video took me about 2 months worth of work to produce, and about a month of laziness to gather up sources before I really did anything. This was one of the few videos that I was truly happy with, not that I'm emphasizing differently with my other projects.

    Anyways the idea, or the motivation, came upon me when I went to Nightwish's only US concert this past year. I was literally blown away. They did not play 10th Man Down, however I was obligated to create another Nightwish AMV out of it and here it is. I put everything that I thought to have the best action scenes, together in one big action video.

    I'm not trying to emphasize a story here and don't see the need to do so otherwise, however there is a theme, and it's easy to catch on to without ruining your play-through. Other than that, I hope the viewer just enjoys the hell out of the video, and nothing else. :)

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