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  • Members: Radical_Yue, Kisanzi, Replay Studios, Shin-AMV
  • Title: I'm Kind of a Big Deal
  • Premiered: 2012-10-26
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    • Zebrahead I'm Money
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  • Comments: So, everyone else apparently went all artsy fartsy....we did Geass Penis.

    This is our Round 1 Project Editor: Tag Team Trials video for Re-Blended Corndog Nightmare. Our challenge was to make a video based on either one of the seven deadly sins or the seven heavenly virtues.


    Originally we tried to come up with a serious theme but had problems choosing one that didn't only suit a single person's style. In addition to that, Kisanzi and I really didn't want to make a serious video >>;;

    We went through songs/concepts for a while until Kisanzi finally remembered this song from an Ouran High School Host Club video idea he had a while back and realized it would work perfect with the deadly sin of Pride.

    The video and betas started out tame enough but then slowly evolved (or devolved, you choose) into penis jokes, ponies, and awesome super literal lyric sync. The editing itself is pretty simple but it gets the job done. Kisanzi and I also realized about halfway through that the video is truly a dedication to Koopiskeva. Jay, thanks for being our inspiration. We'll see you in bed tonight.

    Editor Comments

    Radical_Yue: This went better than expected...I think?

    Bubbles: The title of my MEP part is "The Many Colorful Faces of Duke Togo" ;)

    Replay: Editing angel beats was entertaining. I'm too tired to think.

    Shin: I hate this theme. it needs to be buried. forever. and never looked upon again.

    Kisanzi: i wasn't feeling it until the geass penis....then it was amazing.


    Anyways, hope you guys enjoy the video.

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