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  • Member: VicBond007
  • Studio: VicBond007 Productions
  • Title: Witch Hunter Robin: Reloaded
  • Premiered: 2003-06-16
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    • Warner Bros./Village Roadshow Pictures The Matrix Reloaded Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: Free Your Mind.

    This trailer was done for Otakon as a parody trailer. The idea was the same principle as I used to make my Men in Black 2 trailer. In that video, I knew Big O had a guy who wore sunglasses and drove a sweet car, and that was enough to make a video around. In Witch Hunter Robin, everybody wears trenchcoats, and Robin sometimes wears glasses. That was all I needed to convince me this anime would make a good Matrix: Reloaded Teaser Trailer.

    I spent about a week making the falling code by hand in After Effects, but met less than desirable results. My good friend and fellow AMV creator Jeff Heller (of Nightowl Pictures) said he could do better, so I took him up on the offer =D A week later he had hammered out some falling code that worked so much better than what I had, and so he landed a place in the credits for a 5 second shot...but OH what a shot it is!

    This video is being made available in DivX 4.12 format. If you system can not playback this format, please contact me for an mpeg1 version.

    Convention History: Will hopefully be shown as a parody at Otakon 2003

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