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  • Member: SuperYEpower
  • Title: Frieza - Bad
  • Premiered: 2003-06-15
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    • Michael Jackson Bad
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  • Comments: At first I wouldn't ever thought of using a Michael Jackson song in one of my music videos. I was talking to a friend of mind (webmaster I work with) and he suggested "you should use a Michael Jackson song 'Bad' with Frieza". So I thought about it and laughed just thinking about it. So I agreed to do it.

    But, I didn't have the footage to capture them. Luckily, Suncoast had a sale where you buy two $14.99 (or less) DVDs and get the third DVD for free (has to be $14.99 or less), and all the Frieza Saga DVDs were actually $14.99 a piece. "Lucky!" I said and got them on that day.

    I finally began to start working on the music video, been busy because of work, and my little brother's open house. I worked on it for hours and days, but finally got it done on Sunday. I watched it with my family and we just cracked up laughing. Like Frieza doing his little poses and him singing along.

    The video is basically Frieza being "Bad" against Goku. Well, the fight between Goku and Frieza was a long one, and was the best pick to use. Also, I decided to make the song like an episode. Where the beginning Frieza jus turned to his 4th form, and Goku and Frieza begin to fight. In the music break, Goku turns Super Saiyajin. Then it's all Super Saiyajin Goku versus Frieza at his 100% power. I didn't want to end the video with Frieza defeated. So, I ended it with Frieza before Goku tells Frieza his 100% power was nothing to brag about.

    So there you have it, so download "Frieza - Bad" and laugh at it when you watch it. It really doesn't matter if you know Dragonball Z or not, the movie clips go along with the lyrics so have fun watching it. I know I did ^_^.

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