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  • Member: Kionon
  • Studio: |: Serious Business Studios :|
  • Title: 泣かないで (Don't Cry)
  • Premiered: 2012-10-06
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    • The Corrs No More Cry
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    WINNER - Youmacon 2012 AMV Contest "Your Two Moms Award"

    Folks, it's been a hard couple of years, hasn't it?

    We've lost some good people, and hopefully you're reminded of just what we lost, and how they changed the landscape for the better. While I admit I did not know Magnus well, I very much loved his videos, especially Our Farewell. Without Quu, I wouldn't be here. He was the person who egged me on into editing AMVs (and more importantly, showing them in public) in the first place. A fellow original Kimagure Orange Road fan, someone I spent so much time with at AWA and chatting about KOR and Mac compatibility with... It's hard to lose someone who so obviously changed your life course a major way.

    And godix... Probably the person I spoke most with in the entire hobby. In public, of course, he ragged on me mercilessly. It was part of the joke. In private however, I would have to say, that godix was probably my best friend here on the Org. We would spend hours talking theory, or philosophy, or politics. We'd berate congress for not coming up for solutions that we would come up with in twenty minutes, even though I am a liberal Democrat, and he was at least a fairly conservative almost-Republican. He was involved in almost every video I've done for the past six years. And as much as he mocked them, he never was too busy to be involved in the process. He and I ran Review after quadir, and God knows I haven't had the interest with him gone to restart it myself.

    And finally, he was the primary betatester for 泣くないで. And, although he never would have admitted it in public, he liked what he saw. When he passed away, I shelved the video. What's more, I pretty much stopped editing entirely. However, I don't think Quu or godix, or even Magnus (had we ever had the chance to talk) would have liked the idea that I had stopped editing because, ultimately, when I did, I started crying. So this video, despite its initial inception prior to their deaths, has taken on a special meaning.

    It's time we stop grieving, as much as the loss of grief is in and of itself painful. Time for no more cry.

    Enjoy the video and its celebration of love for the ones we live for.

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