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  • Title: Zidane's Home
  • Premiered: 2003-06-16
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    • Yoko Kanno Sora
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  • Comments: Been a long time since I've done a crossover. Or a game AMV. Took a lot of work. =s
    (This is my 30th AMV! I have longevity!)

    Well, it doesn't seem like there would be a lot of sfx in this video does there? There was a good 5 hours of trying to get the pixelation down by softening it. VegettoEX coached me through this.
    Then, when I was compressing for distrobution, I came into a HUGE problem with video noise. It's a shame because this really is visually beautiful. I wish everyone could see the huffyuv.
    Anyway, there's still some heavy noise in the AMV now, but not as much as there was. Thank Tab for that, since he walked me through adiquite compression.

    Now, while editing, there's just lots of fades and transparencies, as well as a black and white effect a few times, and I flipped two scenes horizantally because I was running out of footage and needed some different views. =s

    This video can be described two ways (effectively, anyway). A romantic AMV, or an AMV describing Terra.

    See, what I wanted to do with this AMV is create a story and feeling that was really never explained in the game fully. I originally had text to spoon feed the story as it went along, but eventally that idea was scrapped once the AMV began devolping. However, as I read the ext I planned to put in there now, the AMV still follows pretty closely. The following are from Zidane unless otherwise specified.
    "there was a blue light..."
    "And all I could remember was this blue light..."
    "I kept running away from home, so I could find it, but I never did."
    And when I got back home.."
    "My [foster] dad beat the crap out of me."
    "But I still kept at it."
    "I found it now, with you..."
    "And the light is even brighter than I remember"
    "Why, Dagger?"
    "Why did we have to destroy it? Why did Kuja have to destroy it?"
    (garnet says this) "Zidane..."
    "I want that blue light back..."

    If you have played the game, then you would realize that some of that dialogue was taken from a certain 5 minute scene where Zidane told Dagger a story when she was sick(?). So you can see that the text would have followed along pretty well, except at the end of the AMV. That's really the only part I changed. I guess I wanted more romace in there.
    Anyway, what I wanted it here was a story of the life of Terra, where Zidane and Kuja were "born". I wanted to let everyone know that Zidane had finally found this place, Terra, and could call it his home. But then his brother, Kuja, had to go and destroy his home.
    The original idea was for Zidane to have a sense of revenge toward Kuja, but this version, instead, achieves that Zidane doesn't need Terra anymore, he has Dagger with him. (This whole AMV is supposed to be a fit of nostalgia for the two main characters, a memory, if you will.)
    Meaning that Zidane truly did find his home.
    And home is where the heart is.

    Before watching this video, you may want to disable your surround sound or only have on your front two speakers. The cuing is made up with a small background noise that cannot be heard well with a four speaker system. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Ljump12 who is the head of a site that's
    video game music
    A fine game AMV site that hosts stuff. =)
    PLEASE leave comments! Since this video is not on local, there is no star system I can go by! I want to know if I am doing okay in the AMV world editing at the pace I am, or if I need to slow down and concentrate more on just one video.

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