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  • Member: FateTSC
  • Studio: FateTSC Production
  • Title: Fight For Your Freedom
  • Premiered: 2011-11-13
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  • Song:
    • E.S Posthumus Lepcis Magna
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This was the AMV contest Opening intro for the Nishicon 2011 Anime convention.
    That was held in (Beijneshal Sport Centre Haarlem) The Netherlands.
    Since I've made opening intro's for Yaycon, Animecon and Abunai! this year I want to do it now for Nishicon 2011. Cause I felt they need a AMV opening to make the event bigger cause they had 8 AMV contest entries. I've also entered this AMV competition sounds really fun I'm competing and also making the Openings Intro.

    I really like this video more then my Nishicon AMV entry itself I shouldn't had ended 1st place because I don't want to have stupid comments about this AMV shouldn't ended 1st place that is the most problem what a AMV editor could have if the AMV has ended the top.

    Erik Huizinga the manager of Nishicon was very satisfied with the AMV openings Intro. The reason I've made this openings Intro is to entertain the public and also to let people getting interested to editing AMV's.

    That is the biggest goal I want to reach for this AMV contest cause lots of people thinking that this convention is very poor with the organization but the people that are thinking like that they don't know what they are doing.

    The contest had 8 contenders which for the first time is a little bit less people.
    But it was the first time they are doing this convention and the AMV contest was a little bit late announced on the site so next year they have a bigger plan to get on with it.

    The AMV opening is about FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM.

    I want to try to make a concept about people they are fighting for what they want.

    So the Opening starts a little bit about the recap from all the AMV editors Contest winners from Tsunacon, Yaycon, Animecon and Abunai! so the public can see what kind of other Anime convention they have in the Netherlands.
    And in different many magical worlds they also want the same achievement.

    The end result turned out well this is actually the reason why I was making this AMV opening to make it even better then my own AMV contest entry of Nishicon cause lot of people hate it since I thought that the 2nd place AMV Sander van den Boogaart should have won the contest or Lisa the 3rd place winner. I should had ended 4th place for my opinion. But I'm very gratefull to the judges and public that have voted to me.

    Anime used:
    Ef A Tale of Memories (TV)
    Full Metal Alchemist (TV)
    High school of the dead (TV)
    Loveless (TV)
    Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (TV)
    Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's (TV)
    Mahou Shoujo Magica Madoka (TV)
    Munto (TV)
    The Girl who leap through Time (TV)
    Hanasuku Iroha (TV)
    Hakuoki Hekketsu-roku (TV)
    Valkyria Chronicles (TV)

    Artist: E.S Posthumus
    Song: Lapis Magna Immediate Music

    Program used:
    Adobe After Effects CS4
    Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
    Adobe Soundbooth CS4
    Adobe Media Encoder CS4
    Cinema 4D R11.5

    This video is purely fanmade and its not use for Commercial use. They are rightfully owned by the creators of the Anime. The music is been owned by the great E.S Posthumus music composer group.

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