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  • Member: AimoAio
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: Good Times
  • Premiered: 2012-09-12
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    • Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen Good Time
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    Forum Announcement Thread

    I'm a little late with this but...Happy Birthday Sis! :D I hope you had a great time on your birthday. :D I had to edit this in a week between my work shifts so I couldn't spend as much time as I wanted on the design but I hope it's acceptable to an extent. >__>

    This is a slightly modified version of the original on Youtube. I didn't do much except fix up the timing and adjust a few tiny small details but I think it does look a lot better.

    Source: Kuroko no Basuke

    I was unable to find a match for two of the fanarts. I'll try again later but if you see your art used and cannot find your name in the description, link me your profile and I will add you to the list. Also, I've gone through my folder twice but there is the offchance I might have missed one so again, if you see your art but don't see your name, PM me.

    Fanart credit listing is sorted by CHARACTER. For those arts that include more than one character, it will be listed under Kiseki no sedai instead. The first name is the ARTIST name followed by the IMAGE Pixiv ID and NOT the artist ID.

    --Artist Credit List--
    Akashi fanarts:
    いわこ (Pixiv ID: 29583498)
    鬼崎KK (Pixiv ID: 27691697)
    ぬまひと (Pixiv ID: 29760040)
    フォームレス黒マスク (Pixiv ID: 29094507)
    しげる (Pixiv ID: 28819458)
    といこ (Pixiv ID: 29917923)
    Aomine fanarts: (wait only one? dafuq?)
    コウ (Pixiv ID: 20017990)
    Kise fanarts:
    たろう (Pixiv ID: 26744114)
    葉也 (Pixiv ID: 29167345)
    イサカ@ついった (Pixiv ID: 29493799)
    コムラ (Pixiv ID: 29845225)
    Kuroko fanarts:
    ドリナ(Pixiv ID: 28289606)
    猫柳ねここ (Pixiv ID: 29160330)
    猫太シロ@インテ6号館Bえ6a (Pixiv ID: 29205522)
    さつこ (Pixiv ID: 28585356)
    アマガエル (Pixiv ID: 27065644)
    きょじ (Pixiv ID: 29621147)
    Midorima fanarts:
    りゆた (Pixiv ID: 27741468)
    こうすけ (Pixiv ID: 29808184)
    Momoi fanarts:
    甘酒 (Pixiv ID: 28146246)
    ゆるるん (Pixiv ID: 29382274)
    水沢卯生@ツイッター (Pixiv ID: 29205385)
    Murasakibara fanarts:
    あ こ ず (Pixiv ID: 28679122)
    雪漣月 (Pixiv ID: 29713627)
    Kiseki no sedai fanarts:
    さくこ (Pixiv ID: 16133103)
    コウ (Pixiv ID: 16241005)
    梨玖 (Pixiv ID: 26935472)
    ddok (Pixiv ID: 27086994, Pixiv ID: 27561642)
    毬子 (Pixiv ID: 27217666)
    にーか (Pixiv ID: 27220962)
    しゅわ子 (Pixiv ID: 27537057)
    黒 (Pixiv ID: 27556842)
    お豆腐 (Pixiv ID: 27562378)
    藤乃 (Pixiv ID: 27602433)
    だいたい胃が死んでる (Pixiv ID: 28001013)
    麻先みち (Pixiv ID: 28012072)
    tamitu (Pixiv ID: 28275278)
    Yuoki. (Pixiv ID: 28354183)
    しゅん@ツイッター (Pixiv ID: 28289830)
    ちぼし (Pixiv ID: 28744811)
    mio (Pixiv ID: 28901917)
    こめか (Pixiv ID: 28948398)
    理人 (Pixiv ID: 29110644)
    Moca (Pixiv ID: 29194303)
    シオ (Pixiv ID: 29226180)
    なつい冬 (Pixiv ID: 29357609)
    青い (Pixiv ID: 29602059)
    Aちき@ついった (Pixiv ID: 29747807)
    ちゆ (Pixiv ID: 29781767)
    irose (Pixiv ID: 29849998)
    ミリ仔 (Pixiv ID: 27657149)
    しき (Pixiv ID: 28015573)
    CK (Pixiv ID: 28034659)
    ふち (Pixiv ID: 18840381)
    minataka94 (Pixiv ID: 28341975)
    白鈴 (Pixiv ID: 28805730)
    アメダ (Pixiv ID: 28858901)
    壱六すずめ (Pixiv ID: 28840899)
    懸之越映 (Pixiv ID: 28677567)
    ユウノ (Pixiv ID: 28883211)
    138@夏コミ2日目東ル29b(Pixiv ID: 29181162)
    もす (Pixiv ID: 29403636)
    いわこ (Pixiv ID: 29583498, Pixiv ID: 29583498, Pixiv ID: 29583498, Pixiv ID: 29583498, Pixiv ID: 29583498)
    XAIN (Pixiv ID: 29592157)
    るみあ@草宮 (Pixiv ID: 29725011)
    a-tm@インテあ13b (Pixiv ID: 29678095)
    シ キ (Pixiv ID: 29782353)
    こまゆ (Pixiv ID: 29779282)
    まよ (Pixiv ID: 29835723)
    こ (Pixiv ID: 29845495)
    Lancha (Pixiv ID: 29865544)
    壱六すずめ (Pixiv ID: 28840899)
    楠木 (Pixiv ID: 29100724)
    リル (Pixiv ID: 27373817)
    ぱっかーね (Pixiv ID: 28515332)
    かな助 (Pixiv ID: 29649836)

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