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  • Member: CrocStar764
  • Title: [Anime Opening Parody] K-ON! x Black ★ Rock Shooter
  • Premiered: 2012-09-05
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    • K-ON! Cagayake! GIRLS
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  • Comments: (Imported from YouTube original description)

    This one is bit LOL. Yeah I know already xD You're allowed to laugh this time, what's bad on a "laugh mood video" with Black Rock Shooter? It's a drama/action/school life anime. But not just "happy" at all (on some places only). That's one of the reasons I made this.

    I was planning this one some time and I finally finished! I did my best on this one and I tried to make a Black Rock Shooter version of opening from K-ON! (first season). You guys should take a look on the original from K-ON! if you didn't already (just for compare), so go ahead and find one on YouTube or whatever page please.

    Yet more sorry about the quality, in this case you rarely can get the true HD video. Also, let's hope I won't get terminated because of the Japanase music/stuff I'm using.

    Anyways, most of the scenes are from last episode, because there the girls have made a good friendship and you cannot see all four happy in any other episode. I had to mask a bit too, to make it more realistic and more K-ON! like. Check out yourself where exactly.

    For now it's all, I finished this one late yesterday, but I found some glitches so I needed to fix them when I got back from school today. Talking about school, yeah it's started for me and I'm not able to be online often. Just come with it, or ignore me. Nothing much to say.

    Thanks for reading and hope you understand.

    PS: Btw, I couldn't not choose this face at 0:07 xD
    PPS: I'm kinda proud of the character image of Kagari there at 0:43 :3

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