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  • Member: Statz
  • Studio: teamJiZZ
  • Title: Ta Sticky Situation
  • Premiered: 2012-08-28
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  • Song:
    • Nirvana Tourette's
  • Anime:
  • Comments: I've only uploaded one AMV here this year and that makes me sad so I wanted to upload another. Got the song from Beowulf's Milk It video and it was lingering in my head for a few days. I tried a different conversion process this time and it helped me complete the video fairly quick. Instead of converting episodes to lossless AVIs I converted clips of episodes. This way it was much easier for me to find clips and I was able to make the video in a few hours. I enjoy using clips much more and its probably what I'll do from now on unless I'm working with a short movie/OVA. The only downside is the conversion still takes a long time, thank god this series is only 12 episodes.

    Anyways, also wanted to upload here because youtube likes to delay the sync ever so slightly that it fucks everything up a bit.

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