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  • Member: siny
  • Title: Before Memories Fade
  • Premiered: 2012-07-09
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  • Songs:
    • Secret Base Kimi ga Kureta Mono (10 years after Ver.)
    • The Fray How To Save A Life
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    "What would you do if your friend died and you thought it was your fault? This is the story of 5 friends who will learn that some bonds may weaken, but never break. Together, they want to properly say goodbye to their friend. But what about her?"


    This was my last video for POE and the theme was to recreate the first video we submitted to Mine was this one:

    We had to use the same song, but not the same source, which was better. I wanted to make something different and that I would enjoy, because I was so tired and with lots of computer problems. My inspiration came from the original music video that always touched me. And that's the main reason for the "steps". It's about life.

    This contest was great and not only I was able to challenge myself, I also met new lovely people that supported and helped me during the process (even when we were competing against each other, which only makes it even more awesome!)

    OH! And the drawing at the end was made by Sommer!! It's so adorable, I had to include it ;___;

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