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  • Member: maricela
  • Title: Tatsuya x Minami- Young Love ( Dedicated to Skye & Nathan: Requested by GodaiMH)
  • Premiered: 2012-08-12
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    • Sonny James Young Love
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  • Comments: Hi There,
    Here's another AMV of T o u c h ( my 2nd AMV I made) focusing on Tatsuya x Minami love relationship. This AMV was requested by Jaime (GodaiMH) to dedicated to his daughter Skye ( Battousai101) & her boyfriend Nathan ( RapturousxPoet) for their relationship ( he said "this couple with relation to Nathan and Skye is that it passes the test of time"). As a friend , I really wish for Nathan & Skye the best on their relationship and by time their love will continue to grow more and more. I hope you guys enjoy this AMV that it's made especially for them. and also all of you guys really are the best. ^_^

    From this AMV editor:
    Angelica ( Angie122785)

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