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  • Member: snapxynith
  • Studio: PixelBlended Studios
  • Title: Fanservicables 2
  • Premiered: 2012-07-27
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    • The Expendables 2 teaser trailer
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  • Comments: Sorry for the late upload, I blew out two pins on the ATX power cable and the connecting slots on my motherboard during the render of this video for Otakon. Due to understandable legal reasons the video had to be re-rendered after the computer was repaired for the youtube version. Today was that day.

    I needed a video that I could build in about two or three weeks for Otakon. All my other video concepts were potential finalists for the contest but honestly would have taken one to three months to make. So with that and the expendables 2 movie coming out shortly after Otakon, I thought the joke would hit hardest here.

    Since the idea is a parody of expendables being exploitation of action heroes/movies, this video is a trailer about the exploitation of magical girls. That led to the title fan(pandering) + expendables portmanteau. With an added wordplay implying cheesecake, though the trailer never delivers on that I expect the movie would.

    I love the crystal skull and gun wings in the original trailer. Seeing the parallel with magical girl crystals and angel wings made me have to build a parody of the icon. The heart took about a week to design. Mostly because I wanted a high quality version of a sailor moon gem. After 3/4ths of a week getting costume jewelry level renders I realized that the sailor moon anime reference was the problem. By me accurately recreating the jewel, I got what they designed it to look like. Specifically the Sailor Moon toy line, which is plastic molded gems and props. So then I stopped trying to mimic the source and just hold the feel of the original gem. The wings were a simple affair after referencing a few sailor moon angel wing desktop background images. Based on the crowd responses, I did a good job on it.

    There's a running joke that my projects are equal work hours generating content from scratch and actually editing anime source. Can deny that's true here. It probably will get worst as a ratio of time in favor of generated content as time passes.

    Software Used:
    Notepad :)
    After Effects
    3D Studio Max
    MeGUI (Encoding)

    Otakon 2012 AMV Contest [Best Trailer]

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