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  • Member: Voices_Of_Ryan
  • Title: The Pain of Life And Death
  • Premiered: 2003-06-15
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    • Ben Folds Five Cigarette
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  • Comments: This I am proud of...

    About 2 weeks ago I decided to make another video after the wonderful turn out of "The death and rebirth of love" (go check it out).

    But of course something had to go wrong... my video capture card is shot ~_~;;, so I had to figure something out that DIDN'T involve dvd's. and hence the Idea for this video came along threw my mind.

    You see i've always had a special thing for the Yu Yu Haskusho anime (Ever since the secound movie had been translated back in 94'), and I had just got this VCD in the mail about 2 months ago, so I figured... What the hell, i'll do it.

    I ripped the entire first episode and got to work finding a song, looking threw my cd's I came across one of my favorite cd's and I wanted to do something soft, so I tried to find a song... and FOUND it!

    So now having my song and footage I went into adobe and got to work, this being the shortest time I've EVER takin' to do a video has alot to say (espically since the video doesn't SUCK).

    The video is completly based around the main character, and in a way is a very sad video, but both the song and the video just clicked in my mind (even though at most times the vocals dont match), the song just seems to... capture Yu Yu in all the right ways.

    I really hope you will enjoy this, I know I enjoyed making it, and it's something special to me...

    SoftWare - Hardware:
    Computer (P2, 10 GB hard drive)
    Adobe Premiere 6.0
    1 Ben Folds Five Compact Disc
    1 Yu Yu Hakusho (Promotion) Video Compact Disc
    PsxMC (To rip the song from the CD)

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