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  • Member: James Blond
  • Title: Pedro Loves Rainbows
  • Premiered: 2012-07-28
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    • schmoyoho Double Rainbow
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  • Comments: This is a video I made for Anime Iowa 2012's Iron Editor contest. Other than a few minor tweaks I made afterwards, everything you see here was made over the course of four hours. This was my first Iron Editor contest ever, so I was pretty nervous going into it. But when I was given the Double Rainbow song, I knew what I had to do. There is only one anime character that can properly convey the Double Rainbow Guy's love of rainbows: Pedro from Excel Saga.

    So, putting this video together was pretty straightforward, except for one major problem: I needed a rainbow. I spent about 45 minutes searching through all the Excel Saga footage I had loaded up on my laptop, to no avail. There was one scene of Menchi swimming with a rainbow overhead, but that was the only clip I could find. I knew I needed more.

    I expanded the scope of my search to more than just Excel Saga, and I lucked out. Beating Angel Dokuro-chan had a scene with not just one, but TWO RAINBOWS! AT THE SAME TIME! It took every bit of self restraint I could muster to not freak out like the Double Rainbow Guy right then and there.

    With that final piece in place, I put the video together and turned it in. The next day, I found out that it won the Iron Editor Contest!

    Achievement unlocked.

    Anyways, enough of my rambling. Who's still reading this, anyway? You've probably already clicked the download link and closed this window. I mean, I can't blame you! I'd be super stoked to watch this video too!

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