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  • Member: NepNep
  • Title: Sparkling Demons
  • Premiered: 2012-07-20
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    • Twilight Movie Trailer Final Trailer
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    Yay this is my first trailer! XD
    Last winter when my friend and I were watching the first episodes of all the new releases, I really liked Inu x Boku SS and as soon as Miketsukami sparkled I thought of Twilight. And then when he turned into a wolf it just reinforced my idea, since that kind of makes him a combination of Edward and Jacob. So I finally made this trailer. A lot more scenes matched the trailer than I expected so instead of being a complete parody of him sparkling it became a bit more serious ^-^;;
    All the editing and lip syncing was done in Adobe Premiere CS4 and some effects and transitions were made in Adobe After Effects CS4.
    The show matches the trailer quite a bit especially since Miketsukami really did wait a long time for Ririchiyo. So the quotes "You don't know how long I've waited for you" and "You are my life now" are actually perfect lines for Miketsukami to say.

    1. 1st place trailer at Sabotencon 2012
    2. Best trailer and best lip sync at Aniventure 2012

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