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  • Member: Haunter103
  • Studio: Corndog Vidvids
  • Title: That Burning Sensation
  • Premiered: 2012-05-26
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    • Raghav Fire
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  • Comments: Only semi- character profile.
    I thought I'd try my hand at an action vid this time around since some of my earlier vids which had action in them were kind of weak and thought it was time to give it another try and see if I could do better. Was going to do a traditional hard-cut-only style of action video but then had some ideas for some special wipes in a few places. But I didn't get too crazy with the roto.

    The song I actually heard while buzzed doing some bowling one worknight; but I didn't get out my shazam app in time to find out what it was I just remembered it saying "fire" a lot. Which wasn't very helpful when trying to find the song later. I'm PRETTY sure this is the song I heard that night, and I wanted to go ahead and use it for my action video regardless.
    I havn't seen really any Tiger & Bunny vids and I think it's an interesting show and knew it would lend itself well to an action vid.

    Vid focuses around the main character Kotetsu (aka "Wild Tiger"), using his passion for crime fighting as the main focus, since he enjoys it - passion/flame/fire/etc. And then kind of adds characters with each verse who he also gets fired up - first his partner in crime-fighting Barnaby (aka "Bunny"), and finally the entirety of the heros in the city together. That's mostly just the structure that seemed to work, this vid doesn't have a story per-se, since it has no real plot or conclusion, it's just a bunch of people enjoying fighting crime together.

    I tried to avoid heavy lyric sync so I could incorporate other kinds of sync, but there is some in there which I hope isn't too literal. I think most of those shots are interesting enough visually to get by despite it.

    Thanks to Ileia for beta testing and providing some valuable insight.

    Won the Criterion award for Cinematography at Anime North 2012.

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