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  • Member: xSnowflakes
  • Studio: Fidelity Studios
  • Title: Fatum/Initium
  • Premiered: 2012-07-17
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    • Two Steps From Hell Heart of Courage
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    "Fatum/Initium" - The name was chosen because I needed an alternative to the original name of this song and just "F@te/Z3ro". Fatum is Latin for "fate" and Initium is "beginning" so I thought it would be fitting because it is the prequel to F@te/St@y Night .. and the "beginning" of the whole series.

    Theme: The brutality of war and the way it affects everyone around us; the consequences - the true cost of all the fighting and greed.

    :D New AMV. But I've had this combination in my head for almost a year now..I just had to get my head down and get it done.. so I'm pretty proud of myself for actually managing to stay inspired for it (I always have a short inspiration span..).
    The episodes I used for the first series are blu-ray and the second are HD so I hope there's not too much of a gap in quality.
    Sorry about the abrupt end, I had no choice really. The song ends like that. xD I think someday I might remaster this video and add something to the end~ (when the blu-ray for the second series comes out..perhaps).

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