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  • Member: TIGER M
  • Studio: TIGERM.NET
  • Title: Galaxy Angel - EEK! A Bully!
  • Premiered: 2012-07-09
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    • TIGER M Eek! A Bully!
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    Had a lot of fun making this track!
    Made this one for a lot of reasons. =)

    The first reason is because my favorite Galaxy Angel in the anime Galaxy Angel
    is Milfeulle [the pink haired girl shouting about the bully if you're watching the video]

    There is also a band name by the name of "Eek! A Mouse!" And the title is a ref
    to that band which I thought had a very clever and catchy name! =3

    Another reason [and mainly so] is because I allegorically feel and deal with being bullied in a simlar way.
    Recently, I was reminded one of the reasons in my teens I discontinued hanging out with some people.

    Although I am often uptempo and sunny [or so I'm told] I do have a full range of feelings...
    which often seems to be forgotten because I do -- I tend to see the sunny side of things and want to share that good feeling!

    However -- I am beginning to notice some who are insecure seem to take this as weakness.
    I've been through far too much to become depressed over bullying anymore, but I have indeed been there.
    A lot.

    Thank God for luck. =3

    I was Home-schooled Elementary through High-School so luckily I didn't deal with
    some of the things I've been told about from friends who went to the public and
    private school system! However, it wasn't long before it started in college.
    I simply just did not ever talk about these things.
    Well! I'm 27 now and it's about time to do so! (I don't call birth-names though. Unimportant! It's the experiences! ^_^)

    I've been bullied before by classmates, Family, Friends, Teachers the parents of one of my female friends in college, girls and guys alike--women, men, children
    but I tend to not sweat it! -- and very often, don't worry over or bring back up what was once bothering me!
    Life's too Awesome to worry over other people's troubles! =)
    [And that's what bullying really is. Bullying Breeding grounds = Jealousy + Insecurity. I think this is true from the playground, to toung adult life and life later as an adult and beyond!]

    Early teens I used to get bullied a lot online which was my substite for a physical social life
    at one point; as while growing up I had strict parenting by parents who cared a lot about me which I am very grateful for and glad they kept me out of trouble! =3

    As for being some of the things I dealt with online sometimes...
    It didn't matter what the forum theme was: Stepcharts, Furry, Anime or Video Games...
    I tended to seem to attract the attention of cool people in the community yes... but even
    before I ever THOUGHT about building a website (didn't build my first until I was 24 years old!)
    as early as 12 and 13, it appeared I also attracted hatred and jealousy from those in authority [Moderators and administrators] for
    whatever reasons... guess my artwork--stepcharts/music/poetry/writing from passion!? o.O ...pset those who spent time policing.
    *Shrugs* I'm used to it now. =) And I'm able to do a lot more as well =3

    Whatever the case was -- and whatever the subject was -- it seemed that
    I'd simply offend because I was "doing" and others would just "talk."

    But it didn't just stay online.

    Once around 15, I told my own father that I thought that he was jealous of me because he was treating me meanly.
    He grounded me and had me write down "jealousy" and the definition of it over and over. Later he complimented me for the very same thing he was treating me meanly about.
    [Going to keep that confidential, but yes, it was something creative, and yes he liked it after I was done with it =) It's almost like he was testing me... people are odd like that sometimes =3]
    True story btw =3

    Sometimes I would get depressed about it being pressured over doing things I understood other people wanted to do and would become jealous me because of.
    No one really seemed to think outside of themselves when I was around
    and so at some point I just decided to -- welp! Got to a point where I didn't feel like
    being around anyone else although it was so odd... people would ask me to be around
    [almost like they WANTED to see what I'd do to get them mad at me!
    No kidding... that's how I felt when I'd be asked to "show something" or "talk about what I was doing" =)]

    So I began to create art and admire art from a distance and then began to be inspired to share my own art. =)
    It seemed to work at one point (especially when I began making stepfiles and stepcharts for Stepmania around 18)

    Prior, I also did music -- which I did not share for a very long time
    [and of which still a great deal is not released -- and I mean like 1,000 songs! D= Only so much time in a day! ^_^ And I'm still creating!)

    However... instead of being like Slim Shaddy aka Eminem (who at one time I purchased every new release by and who is still one of my favorite rappers to this day!)
    ...I didn't ever get into talking about who I was going to blow away or how many houses I set on fire... I simply became the "Don't hit me! I'll hit me!" Type of person! =3
    [Allegorically speaking of course. ^^;]

    I learned to have fun and joke on myself so mean people would either leave me alone thinking "This guy is NUTS!"
    Or eventually get others to laugh with me about me--instead of being destructive--I became constructive. =3

    I still don't smoke, drink or use alchohol.
    And I don't expect anyone to really like this video or song either
    [or at least act like they do -- it likely will just inspire more jealousy -- but bah! My creative-soul is what keeps me full of joy! =)]

    As long as I don't reveal what I do or share my art, then
    in general, I seem to get along just fine with people, but that also tends to
    at times inspire jealousy and hatred inside of some people because I smile a lot when happy and sometimes I get
    accused of "Not caring" when deciding not to join in on gossip about someone or browbeat some friend's ex-lover
    or "taking sides." I really don't see a reason for it. A persn should deal with their own challenges I think.

    But that does not mean that I do not know how to defend myself.
    [Tae Kwon Do! }=O]

    However -- one thing I do not like is any form of oppression or injustice!
    Call it cheap and call it boring, but I do get tired of bullies because I do know
    because I've dealt with quite a few. (usually in passive ways and bullying... is usually over someone else's insecurities I find.)

    For these reasons (and probably a lot more I am not thinking of right now!)
    this scene really reached out and touched me so I thought it would be fun to do a whole
    "Dance-Quirk-Scene-Re-en-Action" "Original Song Scene" (Phew! ^^; Long Name! =D)
    And welp! Here it is! =3

    The main thing to keep in mind is although I've utilized the alias "UnoTenshi"
    as a player in several RTS [Real Time Strategy] Games --
    this is the first time I've ever decided to release a song under that name. =)
    [began using it over a decade ago though as an alias =3]

    And yes "TIGER M Presents UnoTenshi" means that "UnoTenshi" is an alias which
    I use or have used and this alias when it comes to music will be geared more towards
    my uptempo ultra-sunny much of the time but is more-or-less just an alias. ^_^

    Will likely continue to have to do with my music I make which includes anime samples
    or the performance "Scene-Re-en-Action" involving anime. =) We'll see! ^_^

    No thing is written in stone in this age, as it's so simple to shift it digitally! XD

    Anyways! Take care! And thank You for listening! =D

    Love And Peace Through Art! ^_~*

    Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
    (That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown),
    -DJ, TIGER M [Straighten Monday.]
    -5:40 PM (3/26/2012) [Eastern Standard Time, North America, The Biding House, U.S.A.]

    This IS TIGER M! =)

    P.S. This is the first AMV I have ever completed where I reveal my actual face in the closing. =)
    A great deal of this was inspired in April of this year, when I found out
    that someone was attempting to replicate and pretend to be me online.
    [hint. is not my website and Tiger M'mon on Facebook is not my account.]

    It's flattering to inspire people to want to do their own thing, but honestly, this I think
    was the work of someone jealous in my family. [a sister-in-law and/or Stepbrother I'm certain].

    I just found out this evening that one of my e-mails was hacked to and apparently since
    June this family member / person is attempting to pretend to send multiple e-mails to my own
    account repeatedly I suppose to attempt to have me seem like I'm out of my mind because it's
    coming from my account. I'll keep you all posted on what's going on with this.

    Until then, please enjoy the AMV and thank you all for your kindness and criticism over the last 4 years here. =)
    Stay amazing and look forward to seeing more AMVs from me in the near future God Willing! =)

    Peace and remain honest and true to You!

    Peace & Love! ^_~*

    Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
    (That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown),
    - Writer, Artist, Musician, DJ, Eternal Student & Being of Existence,
    -WAM! TIGER M [Decision Monday | [ * * / D * *] / | ]
    -10:07 PM (7/9/2012) [Eastern Standard Time, North-of-Equator]


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