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  • Member: Ileia
  • Studio: Corndog Vidvids
  • Title: AMV Pop Culture (As Performed By Alchemists)
  • Premiered: 2012-07-03
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    • Madeon Pop Culture
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  • Comments: Parodies! Parodies everywhere!

    This is my video for Round 3 of The Quickening (a contest in which you get a random song and a week to edit an AMV to it). I decided to do a different take on the "pop culture" aspect, make it about AMV pop culture and parody some notable AMVs. If you haven't seen a lot of classic AMVs, you might not get the parodies, but that's okay, down below (or at the end of the video) there's a list of every video that I parodied, along with the timestamp of where it appears in the video, so you can go find them and check them out!

    I've never paid real close attention to the time I spend editing, but I decided to keep track this time. I spent 70 hours out of the last 6 days working on this video. D:

    0:12 - "Odorikuruu" by aokakesu
    0:20 - "Dewelopers" by Fall_Child42
    0:28 - "FOOTBALL!!" by suberunker
    0:35 - "Shameless Rock Video" by AbsoluteDestiny
    0:43 - "Senpai Says" by Douggie
    0:58 - "Right Now Someone Is Reading This Title" by dokidoki
    1:14 - "When I'm Bored" by ancasgirl95
    1:22 - "Plunder Propaganda" by dokidoki
    1:35 - "Naruto's Technique Beat" by Decoy
    1:37 - "Waka Laka for Osaka" by Scintilla
    1:45 - "Euphoria" by Koopiskeva
    2:00 - "Pencilhead" by qwaqa
    2:15 - "Excel Pop Up Video" by kurt
    2:33 - Haruhi Opening
    2:38 - Cowboy Bebop Opening
    2:47 - Death Note Opening

    If you prefer to watch it there, here's a Youtube link for the video.

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