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  • Member: MysteriousRyder
  • Title: Ballad of the Nice Guy
  • Premiered: 2012-05-26
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    • Chester See, KevJumba, Ryan Higa Nice Guys Finish Last
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  • Comments: Anime Expo 2012 AMV Contest - Best Comedy and Judge's Choice

    Fanime 2012 FMV Contest - Best of Show and Best Comedy

    Anime Mid-Atlantic 2012 AMV Contest - Viewer's Choice and Best Comedy

    The song, "Nice Guys Finish Last," was introduced to me by two friends. At the time, although the song was amusing, I had thought it was "okay." However, one of my friends ended up bringing up how great the song was again and again, playing it at times in the car. I had seen the music video, and was impressed by it (extremely funny), but still didn't feel that much love for the song. Finally, one day, when it was played in the car one last time, I decided to really pay attention to the song more and give it a chance, and found it more amusing.

    That night, I had gone to bed when I suddenly realized, wait a minute - I can use this song for my next comedy AMV! The song had come out in May 2011 and was very new. At the same time, no one had created an AMV for it yet (at least, I hadn't found one entered in the contests). I then knew I had to make one before anyone else does.

    The initial concept was really different from how the video turned out at the end. Given time constraints and the lack of funds to buy more DVDs (it was originally supposed to be a multi-anime one, which would be my first time doing), I ended up deciding only to use the FMP series, which I was a fan of. I then ran into a new issue of having to come up with a different way of executing this (since my original idea was now scratched). I had also started late on this - the AX and Fanime deadlines were coming up close. By the time I had started editing, I had less than 3 weeks to make this. On top of that, I had 2 feature films and a major editing project I was working on that had to be done around the same time. I debated competing next year instead since I was struggling with how I was going to pull this off. Usually, I have the concept down solid at the beginning before I edit (with changes happening along the way anyway obviously). This time, I was literally figuring out how to execute it as I was going along. It wasn't until about 2 weeks left did I finally figured out what I needed to do. Never had I made an AMV that involved THIS many changes from my original concept. But still, I knew I had to do it this year given the timing.

    I powered through, spent a lot of late nights editing on top of my other editing projects, and made it to the deadline.

    Glad that people enjoyed it, and that it has won Best Comedy and Best of Show awards. Also, I now love the song - it is a very well done song, and I thanked my friend for playing that song again and again in the car and telling me how great it was when I wasn't originally receptive to the song. If it wasn't for that, I don't think I would've ended up coming up with this idea and making this AMV. It was great hearing the audience laugh, especially at the end.

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