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  • Member: Squall08
  • Title: Rei sings beyond her heart
  • Premiered: 2003-06-14
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    • Rin Sesshoumaru
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  • Comments: Have you ever been up really late one evening, and are so bored you decide to take an audio clip from an anime and put it to another anime? Well thats what I did. I took Rei from eva and put her singing to a clip from Inu Yasha. I was bored and went looking for IY wallpapers, I was specifically looking for Rin for my desktop (funny I actually never found one, and ended up with Gundam Seed) and I ended up finding a Rin only site. I downloaded some audio clips, and remember a song she sang. I decided I would use that for a video.

    Since I still have problem gettin a dvd player w/ my computer, I decided to go w/ my vcr and use some tapes I had. I used Rei to song along with Rin. It was fun making this video. I only worked on it for about... 3 1/2 hrs. The capturing took awhile becasue Rei never ever talks!! I actaully had to look through the vids and find where she was talking (try fastforwarding/rewinding.. sucks).

    This is my first effort at lip sync'ing.(sp??) I havnt completed a vid since last summer.. i felt i was overdue for one. Over all this is a fun, short vid that can be enjoyed if you like IY and Eva.

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