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  • Member: lloyd9988
  • Title: ~Goodbye Days~ {Q-R2}
  • Premiered: 2012-05-27
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    • Florence + The Machine Cosmic Love
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  • Comments: K so, anyone interested in how I got to making this, umm. . . here's the story:

    I downloaded Angel Beats a week before the competition so I was prepared to edit during that week. I got Florence and the Machine and I pretty much forced myself to edit that week with Angel Beats otherwise. . . I don't think I would've stood a chance into making it into round 3. Which, surprising. . . I got first place?? xD Whatever, I thought PBE should've won. :P

    Anyway, the whole moral of the story is the basic premise of finding a guy dead (Shit) wakes up and finds this one girl, Angel, and then finds this innocent girl being nice and all. Later, he finds that everyone is trying to kill her only because she's different than everyone else. Later, you find that everyone feels like they've been robbed of their life because they all had a shitty past. Sucks, I know. :P So they attempt to fight a being known as "God" to Right everything they've been robbed of their whole life. i.e. They're out for revenge because they got screwed over.

    Long story short, they find God, find that he's a computer and destroys it, Burns Angel in hell and then leave the world. Shitty story right?? xD

    I think I just describe the basic plot of Angel Beats in a quick Paragraph.

    Major thanks goes out to:

    * AimoAio (Would've looked 10x's more shitty without you. . . FYI. . . Yuri's Mine!!!! >:D He loves me and only me! xD)

    * Everyone from JustDubs (Thanks guys xD Luv you all despite how assholish you guys are sometimes)

    * Kinematics (For teaching me how to question my own videos and storyline) xD

    * ProjectBarcodeError for his advice on flow, showing me SNK and just being awesome (Sorry for not changing the first 14 seconds, I'm so lazy)

    * Kisanzi and Radical_Yue for their detailed advice as always ^_^

    * Centurione for her honest opinions and for being a great friend. :up:

    *Anyone else I didn't name. . . umm. . . I don't really know what to say since they were the ones whose opinions I asked for the most before and after the quickening and they were more than accommodating.

    Thanks again guys *v*

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