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  • Member: Rider4Z
  • Studio: Otaku Lounge Productions
  • Title: Na-Na Na
  • Premiered: 2012-06-17
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  • Song:
    • Rascal Flatts Me and My Gang
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    Cliche combo to a country song. XD You can hate if you want but i frikkin love this one. Making this was more fun than FULLMETAL'S BACK.

    i intended to not have any 4:3 footage in the beginning, obviously because of quality reasons not just in cleanliness but also in animation. it was also supposed to just be the Trigun movie. but the song called for a lot more so i threw in the Bebop movie. and once again i needed just a few key clips to fill in the last of the gaps, so that's where the series footage of both came from. also, because i tend to edit backwards, all the 4:3 footage is in the first half.

    i don't prefer to mix different ratios together because the difference is obvious to me, however, i decided that the footage was more important to the flow of the video than crisp clean quality.

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