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  • Member: siny
  • Title: Mon Ami Edmond
  • Premiered: 2012-06-11
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    • Mozart L'Opera Rock Le Bien Qui Fait Mal
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    Edmond Dantès meets Gankutsuou while imprisoned in the Château d'If. The demon helps him escape and gives him power to become The Count of Monte Cristo, a mysterious nobleman with only one thing on his mind: revenge against those who once betrayed him.

    This was my entry for the 4th round of Project OrgEditor and it's also my first full "dark" video. Until now I never had the chance to do something like this except for MEPs, so of course I loved it!

    The theme this time was to do a character video about a villain. I picked The Count of Monte Cristo! Though... I admit I made him seem more evil than he actually is, but that was the idea. I seriously loved the anime! And I have to thank Sommer for mentioning it on the forum. That was what made me check it out. I planned to only watch the first two episodes but I couldn't. This is just awesome! I recommend this to anyone.

    I took a risk using a french song, but I fell in love with this song when Chiikaboom did Danse De Raven. I followed the lyrics and it's actually AMAZING how they fit so well with the whole story. And my dear villain... he also speaks french! For those that saw the anime, you will understand, if not... DO IT!

    The title is also connected to the anime and the fact that the song is french is a bit of a coincidence.

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