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  • Member: GloryQuestor
  • Studio: |: Serious Business Studios :|
  • Title: 3rd and Xth
  • Premiered: 2010-08-23
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    • Juno Reactor Navras
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  • Comments: This was my attempt at making a video that would do Haseo's character some justice. There are a lot of .hack//G.U. videos out there, but I just wasn't much of a fan of any of them. So, I set out to do my own the way I thought it could be done right.

    The first thing I did was to figure out why I didn't like the videos I was watching. Some of them were good video, technically, and did a good job of representing Haseo and Atoli's characters as best they could. After re-reviewing them, I figured it out -- I didn't see any that really crossed over the game footage with the .hack//G.U. Trilogy.

    Let me explain a bit. Most of what I saw was based off of Trilogy, a movie that, having played through the entire game trilogy on PS2, ended up changing the story to such a degree as to make the entire story too simplified and way too disjointed. The games did a much better job of relation between the characters, so I thought of Trilogy as nothing but a lame cash-in by a company that normally does a lot better work with their properties. So, that almost every music video I was finding had nothing but Trilogy in it didn't do much to connect the dots, at least to this .hack fan.

    So, I resolved to try and do a .hack//G.U. Trilogy video the right way, by sticking with Haseo and using scenes from the .hack//G.U. games as a cohesive bridge between the various sequences. I felt I gave Haseo the progression he needed, from his creation to a person who holds his own against a powerful adversary. I also had to cut the song right to keep it under 6 minutes (Navaras is over 9 minutes long and I certainly didn't want to make this a 9-minute magnum flopus >_< ), which I did as best I could.

    I guess with the music I also hinted at his similarity to some other guy from some other computer-generated reality, but ... that's for you to decide. :P

    Please enjoy the video. :)

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